Bringing a new look to a 

Kentucky Nonprofit 

Student Group Project // Rebrand

The Kentucky Resources Council (KRC) is a non-profit organization in Louisville, Kentucky. Their mission is to promote a livable and healthy community through legislative advocacy and education. 

The issue they faced was finding a way to stay up to date with its fellow nonprofits while also standing out. They also faced an issue of  lack of navigation in their website that caused many users to not stay loyal to the nonprofit due to confusion.



The Logo



KRC had one requirement for the logo and that was for the logo to have the full name in it. Since Kentucky Resource Council is such a long name it was decided that the logo should center around the name. 

The logo highlights the "our" in resources and then adds a square around the KY representing the protective nature of Kentucky Resource Council. The logo is meant to be read first as "Our KY" and then as "Kentucky Resource Council."



The rebrand came with a published style guide, merchandise and full web layout.

The Website

A new, organized website makes it easy to take action and give back to your community.



The brand standards elaborated on the new position of KRC and how they would look on digital and print mediums

Trade Show

The new look for the KRC's trade show is bright and attention grabbing allowing KRC to stay up to date with its competing nonprofits and stand out from them.

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