Anheuser Busch Brooklyn Conference

The Problem

Anheuser Busch does an annual conference in Brooklyn every year to work on innovating their brand. My job was to take this logo someone had mocked up and create an entire conference design from it.

Adding to the challenge was that I could only use their four colors that represented beer. To do this I needed to really breakdown the numerous elements that were trying to be communicated with this logo and develop a system where they could all exist. The first design decision I made was to create a set of icons to represent team, dream, and portfolio.








After studying the initial logo, the one thing that kept coming to mind was the word "one" they had placed on top of the logo. So many elements they wanted to unify into one. I renamed the conference to ONE. One dream, One team, One portfolio. The icons all remained the same size and circular to look like they were apart of one unit. I presented both options and they went with the top one.

The Logo

the Elements
to Life

While the icons did the trick for the presentation and some of the printed materials, I still felt like a huge design piece was missing, something to connect everyone to the brand.

Changing Perspectives

I used the Team, Dream, and Portfolio icons represented in a 3D manner to bring to life the mission of the conference. 3D was chosen to bring a physical presence to the room and to stimulate the imagination of what Team, Dream and Portfolio can look like when using different perspective

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 4.07.36 PM.png

The Signage

Since most of the content and signage is confidential, only one sign is available to be represented on the public site. This is one of the entrance signs using the 3D elements from the portfolio piece.

Want more 3D?