Innovating the already


Corporate Identity // Redesign

The logo was made by repeating the hexagon five times to form a new shape that brings some of the former logo elements into a more relevant design.  The R in Roche now shows a direct arrow forward representing the innovative dynamic of the company.


a Solution


the Problem

The Roche logo has been the same for over a century and has lost relevance to modern times. On a yearly average Roche absorbs about 3-4 companies. The Roche brand is not conducive to the companies it is obtaining and falls flat when paired with them. The brand stagnancy does not speak to the company's innovative attitude. 



The website takes on the geometric flow of the shapes in the logo while also using the color scheme to tie the imagery together.



Roche incorporates their geometric look into their trade show space. The look does not dominate the subject yet emphasizes the subject matter.


Roche carries out the brand in clean and crisp detail. Keeping most importantly, the high contrast of blue and white.


The signage for Roche takes on the elements of the arrow as a use for direction on Roche property. When the logo is used in 3D mediums it is separated by shape to pop the dynamic cluster of shapes that form the logo.