Bringing the future of fitness to Auburn


The Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang, where two halves that come together complete wholeness, inspired the logo emblem for Syklus representing its two halves: yoga and cycling. Yin Yang also represents the starting point for change which is the kind of fitness studio Syklus aims to be. The "S" is centered in the Yin Yang to show the center of the harmony is Syklus itself. 

The Website

Customers must book an appointment with Syklus on the website before ever entering the studio, making the website the first point of contact.

Easy &


The pricing page was purposed to simplify the process of getting a cycling or yoga membership.

The website provides the audience with the social profiles, Spotify playlists and the monthly schedule of the instructors.


& Personal

The Social Media

The social media account is made to fit the brand standards and be the pop of the brand. 82% of all website clicks come from the Instagram account.

Retail Line

The retail line is purposed for a simple, athletic and trendy lifestyle that is meant

for the streets and the gym.



Freebies were targeted to college students

at Auburn university. The freebies are aimed to sarcastically lighten up the overwhelming greek

lifestyle at Auburn University.



The outdoor signage represents the cycle of the actual word "cycle" to show that Syklus itself is never ending.

Need some zen?